Fast-Foot Spells allow you to instantly explore Places of Legend at the cost of 2 Fast-Foot Spells per hour. You can get these from your friends and anyone in your Alliance that sends them to you.

Notes about Fast-Foot Spells:

  • From Level 01 - 18, you can have a maximum of 16 Fast-Foot Spells.
  • From Level 19 - 60, you can have a maximum of 24 Fast-Foot Spells.
  • These are found in your Kingdom Spells tab.
  • Fast-Foot Spells can be sent every 12 hours.
  • Once you open your Inbox, a 24 hour timer will begin on it. Be sure to claim the ones expiring first!
  • These are very useful during Events, especially if you are good with time management.